Action for autism

As a parent of a downie, I get to take a lot of state and social assistance for granted. Within reason, of course, but I’m very thankful for it. To a significant degree, it allows us in Downsyndromeland to get on with managing and providing for the special needs of our affected family members. It wasn’t always that way, and I’m acutely conscious of the efforts of a generation of parents before us who hacked a clearing for us.

To my uneducated eye, it seems that the current generation of parents of autistic kids are engaged right now in that titanic struggle.

I hope this post can help to drum up some support for them. If you can take moment to visit O2’s website here it will tell you about their initiative with Irish Autism Action to raise the (inevitably named) much needed funds. This from O2:

October sees the launch of a new initiative by O2, in partnership with Irish Autism Action. It is called the Irish Autism Action Affinity. This offer is open to both prepay and post-pay O2 customers and the message is simple – Text the key word ‘AUTISM’ to 50308 and 5% of your O2 monthly spend will go towards autism services in your community.

Ok, you got that? If you’re an O2 customer, text AUTISM to 50308 and O2 will donate 5% of your monthly spend to autism facilities. That’s money that you’ll be spending anyway. And if you have no connection with anyone with autism, you might end up never having a clue as to the extent of the wonderful a thing you’ve done.

But I’m telling you now.

It’ll be a wonderful thing.

Unfortunately my esteemed readers outside of the Republic of Ireland won’t be able to take part. We’ll get Hammie to get to work on that. I believe world dominion is part of her plan for November. I know too that I have one or two readers who fall outside the special needs carers category. Guys, your help would be appreciated by some seriously overstretched people.

God bless.