To the annoying per-pubescent kid from earlier today

And the pushy one

And the one who looked sullen all day

And the one with the all-messed-up hipster hair

And the fat one

And the one who looked too skinny

And the one who threw the tantrum in the gift shop

And the one on the zip wire who was so much less nervous than me

And the one with the annoying voice

And the misguided Man United fan

And the hyper one

And the graceful one

And the one with the posh voice

And the one with the funny walk

And all the others I met earlier today

Keep on being wonderful

Down syndrome couldn’t make you all the same even if it wanted to

Mr Tayto has been an icon for generations of Irish kids, since the mid 50s. Thanks to Tayto Park for throwing the doors open and giving all proceeds to Down Syndrome Ireland on Saturday 15th September. It was a meaningful gesture, and a great opportunity for everybody to be normal.

2 comments on “To the annoying per-pubescent kid from earlier today

  1. Eileen says:

    Happy ’13 to Jacob and the clann.
    He’ll probably be writing his own blog soon! How’s it cuttin over there, it’s so cold over here, we have been shivering by the fire since November, waiting for a blog update 😉
    Cheers All.

    • Nick McGivney says:

      Oh E, my intentions are great, and you are the cattle prod I need. In short order, the Jacob update can be summed up in a word. That word is ‘Why?’

      I am taking it as a measure of success that instead of being thrilled that Jacob is using Why? since midweek as his latest interjection (it does, after all, represent a quantum leap for any intellect to begin to question reason), I am also annoyed and exasperated at having to answer it, as it is always, so far at least, being used when we’re trying to get out of the house or meet some deadline or other.

      In other words, he is proving to be as bothersome as both my other children, constantly craving attention, time and whatever else pops into his head at any given second. They ALL have special needs, which can be summed up as each of them wanting their stuff sorted out NOW!

      And now that I’ve started getting ‘Why?’ as a response to ‘Jacob, put your coat on quickly’, you can tell that I’m thrilled, elated, annoyed, hassled and trying to remember every so often that he actually is a bit different. It’s not working though. A little thing like every one of his cells being uniquely different to the rest of us is no longer qualifying as special. Or not that special.

      All told, I’m secretly thrilled, and life – demanding as it constantly is – continues to amaze and delight me. I hope you guys are savouring all of it too. 🙂

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