Looking for Suffering in All the Wrong Places

People with disabilities inspire fear and disgust in the able-bodied because they seem to suggest the limits to this promise. But research shows a dramatic difference between non-disabled people’s perception of the quality of life of people with disabilities and the way people with disabilities describe themselves.

That’s a quote from an article that’s a bit longer, on HuffPo Religion, by Rachel Adams. Full article is here and it’s really worth a read. Thoughtful, perceptive, pulling no punches and clarifying, certainly for me, some elementary stuff that we sometimes need reminding about, especially in this big world of normals.

2 comments on “Looking for Suffering in All the Wrong Places

  1. monaghanmammy says:

    It’s such a crying shame that we haven’t moved much further on XXX

  2. monaghanmammy says:

    It’s a crying shame that society is so slow to change. I’m a real coward and prefer not to read about it! It’s just too sad xxx

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