Derval O’Rourke: ordinary, everyday superwoman

It’s not every day you get to mix it up with one of the fastest women on the planet but that’s what Jacob was doing yesterday. Ok, she may be an Olympian, a world champion hurdler (Gold at the World Indoor Championships over 60 metres, among a whole stack of other honours) but Derval O’Rourke, Cork speedster extraordinaire, still found time to chat to our Jacob. Well, it’s not every day she gets to mix it up with one of the slickest guys on the planet, is it? Who can blame her?

Jacob and I were just taking a breather from the bowling lanes and the heady sugar intoxication of his brother Andrew’s 7th birthday party when Derval (yeah, we’re on first name basis) came over to shoot the breeze. When the rest of the posse came out she couldn’t wait to get her pic taken with them.

I hope all that proximity to such a bunch of cool guys doesn’t turn her head this close to the Olympics. You’ve got until July to clear your head, O’Rourke. Concentrate! And good luck, you legend! 🙂

Check out the party dudes! Jacob and his brothers plus some buddies from our street.