It’s better to try than never to fly: introducing The Sky Stealers

Know a kid who likes to read?

Before Jacob came along, I wrote a book for children aged around 8-10 years old. It almost got published, but a deal fell through. I’m dusting it off and giving it one last chance to fly, unashamedly using Jacob’s blog here to let as many people as possible know.

The Sky Stealers

When AT, the wise owl who’s in charge of Air Traffic Control, is kidnapped, utter pandemonium breaks out across Forest Kingdom. All flights are grounded and the birds are scared, uncertain and increasingly angry.

Detective Jack Daw of Special Branch must find the missing AT, but he never expected to be calling on the help of shy, daydreaming schoolkid Christopher Sparrow. But then Christopher is no ordinary sparrow, as he – and we – soon find out! Magic, mystery and mayhem collide in this fabulous story, where nothing is as it seems and a new adventure is only ever a heartbeat away.

Fasten your seat belt and get ready for takeoff as we join Christopher, Detective Daw and a crazy cast of incredible characters on a high-flying escapade like no other: the Sky Stealers adventure is about to begin!

If I can’t interest a publisher, I’ll print it as an ebook.  I’ve set up a blog to find out what might be the most popular online way that young readers like to read.

So if you know any 8-10 year olds, boys or girls, nieces or nephews, kids or grandkids who love good, old-fashioned adventure stories, they may well enjoy the sample chapters at The Sky Stealers.

Please note: this isn’t a hard sell, it’s research to see what might be popular as a format (and to see if the story’s liked). If the researchers are keen to read on, I’ll forward the entire story gratis in return for them doing the very quick survey on the site. Probably as an unexciting PDF, but we’ll work that out if anyone wants to finish the story.

That’s all folks! Thanks for any help you can give.

Oh, and if you happen to have a print publisher in your pocket, say ‘I came across this a-MAZ-ing manuscript and I can’t beLIEVE it isn’t published. You should just snap it up, no need to even read it.’

That’d be grreat. 🙂



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