What’s so funny about Sarah Palin’s vagina?

It’s easy to be shocking. Some people make a life’s habit of it. We’re taught in my business (advertising) that if you shock people, you’d better have a good, justifiable reason. If you don’t, you lose your potential customers’ trust pretty quickly.

The woman who produced the line about the retarded things produced by Sarah Palin's vagina

The headline applies to an American comedian called Whitney Cummings. (I must thank Kimberly for pointing out the link to me. Sorry for omitting it on first draft) Catholic upbringing, magna cum laude graduate from the University of Pennsylvania. On the face of it, a young woman with intelligence. Her own network show on NBC. (For those of us outside the US, that translates as Quite A Big Deal.) Beautiful too, paying her way through college with modelling jobs. Success, fame and all that stuff you get when you’re part of the MTV generation.

That’s the bit that kicks me in the nuts. All this going for her, and she can ‘jokingly’ tell movie director Quentin Tarantino that he’s ‘produced more retarded things than Sarah Palin’s vagina.’

Did you think this was a joke without victims, other than Tarantino, Whitney? Truly?

The Roast, as it’s called, is an American convention where terribly successful and famous people are publicly shredded, mocked and humiliated by their friends, with their compliance, in the name of comedy and entertainment. And flawed as that sounds, the usually rude results, if you want to YouTube any, can be quite hilarious.

Not the beautiful Ms Cummings’ contribution however. It happened towards the end of 2010 at a roast for Tarantino. Personally, I feel that Sarah Palin can expect to get harpoons thrown at her. She’s a public figure with her own politics in a nation that’s sharply divided on left/right grounds. It will happen. But what should not be allowed to go unanswered is the deliberate targetting of her son – and her whole family, essentially – as if the hollow laughter was somehow a right that free speech confers on idiots like Whitney Cummings. There is a price, you cheap-laughs-barrel-scraper. For you it’s a dipping in the minds of decent people. Not prudes or unsophisticated types. Just decent people who stand a bit closer to fairness than you do, clearly.

For our special needs family and friends, it’s inevitably another target painted on their backs that makes them somehow, ridiculously, fair game for the spite and cruelty of others, you beautiful, senseless fool. And I hope to God you’re a senseless fool, because otherwise you’re a cruel and intelligent doll who sees no merit in our wonderful children, other than as a handy punchline in a mockery of all that drags us, even one miserable half inch, up from the dirt where conscience or respect or feeling for our fellow creatures plays no part. This life is already hard enough without your outstandingly ill-conceived dig at people who, on the face of it, are less fortunate than you.

But you know what, Whitney? On the face of it means nothing. On the face of it means Whatever Happened To Baby Jane and Sunset Boulevard and every other intelligent analysis of skin-deep shallowness. You have no concept of the love those ‘retarded things’ bring to the people whose lives are graced by them. To me Sarah Palin lives an unimaginably alien life, except for the bit where Trig puts his arms around her neck and loves her. I know that. And it is clear as thundering fuck that you do not.

18 comments on “What’s so funny about Sarah Palin’s vagina?

  1. Mel says:

    Wow. Who thinks up things like that to say.

    Glad I’m not her.

    • Nick McGivney says:

      What can I say, Mel? It’s the things that look pretty that can (sort of) hide the nastiest hearts. Thanks for stopping by. Hope everyone’s well with you. Weather getting colder?

      • Mel says:

        All good here thanks Nick. Tonsils and adenoids out last week- no more Darth Vader breathing for my Luke Skywalker! Over winter already, and only official first day here- very jealous of you heading into summer.

  2. Nick – I’ve followed your blog for a while now and always enjoy your insights. I was unaware of this comedian’s roast and horrible choice of words. There is a concerted effort here to end the “R” word. In fact a public service announcement recently aired in the midst of the season finale of GLEE – which is a huge hit over here – featuring an actress with downs syndrome telling people not to use the word. I posted it on my blog which you can see here http://sfmaggie.blogspot.com/2011/05/word-is-spreading.html#links. There is a facebook page called “spread the word to end the R word too.” http://www.facebook.com/EndtheWord. Progress is being made, but there are unfeeling idiots out there. The more they are ostracized, the better.

    • Nick McGivney says:

      Hi Sally. Lovely to hear from you. We see a lot of your struggles with the word retard, and a lot of it seems (to me anyway) to stem from the continued medical use of terms like mental retardation. Am I wrong here? We don’t seem to come up against that in the medical professions here so much, and it doesn’t have exactly the same currency as with you guys, although it is still powerful and derogatory and it would be helpful if -especially younger – people were aware of the hurt. The Glee thing is great. Big here too. Have written about the word frequently, here for one: https://downsdad.wordpress.com/2010/02/24/on-the-use-and-power-of-the-word-retard/
      Really glad you could make time. πŸ™‚

  3. If ignorance is bliss then the ugly people who use the R word as a joke or an insult must be very very happy…

    • Nick McGivney says:

      They’re like herpes of the lip, Tracy. πŸ™‚ They might let you think they’ve gone away…

  4. Elbog says:

    She’s a D-lister who won’t even smell the farts of a douchebag like Lisa Lampenelli. Fuggedabboudit.
    And yes, there’s tequila lacing this comment.

    • Elbog says:

      *The morning after*
      What I think he meant to say is that this person is only present because there are 600 TV channels; less worthy of your attention than a Sham*Wow or power juicer commercial. This ilk substitutes crudeness for talent. Good Day. ;^)>

      • Nick McGivney says:

        You can say what you like, Mister Elbog. Your words are all good here. Even the tipsy ones. πŸ™‚

  5. Hugh Murphy says:

    How could a woman make this comment? I have found in life that people often get what they deserve – and not in the most expected way. This woman should apologise and throw herself on the bonfire of Public Opinion begging for forgiveness at her crass stupid and insulting portrayal of women and special children. A word used here in Ireland for their specialnedss is ‘Touched’ie ‘touched by the hand of God’.

    I don’t feel like saying any more.

    • Nick McGivney says:

      I’m not holding my breath for an apology, Hugh, but it’s good to know that it’s contemptible behaviour in the eyes of so many people. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Dave Kenny says:

    Wonderful piece, Nick.

  7. Sharon says:

    It’s the Frankie Boyle effect- prey on the weak, think of yourself as shocking and boundary-pushing when in reality you lack the skill to create innovative and funny material.

  8. Nan P says:

    I read this post last night and decided not to comment… but sod it, I need to!

    I need to say this, to the stupid morons who have nothing better to do than propagate sick hurtful remarks about what they do not understand, and certainly cannot phantom:

    β€œGrow Up or Shut Up!”

    Signed: a very, very angry little granny!

    • Nick McGivney says:

      Always place for your comment here, P. I consider your intelligence and compassion as a bulwark against the idiots. Keep ranting!

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