Down syndrome: an inconvenient truth

Here is a reference for those damn statistics.
Here is some information on the music, by a group called The Unthanks.

And a thank you never made often enough to the McGivney family, for being who you are and keeping things real.

10 comments on “Down syndrome: an inconvenient truth

  1. Sharon says:

    That’s a beautiful film.

  2. Nan P says:

    Thank you Nick for letting us in and sharing these simple little snippets of family life. Just beautiful.

    As for the message, what can I say? Simply that I am about to cry…

  3. Elbog says:

    Thank you.
    Love overcomes.
    Shine, indeed.

  4. Mel says:

    A friend of mine likens it to the movie The Matrix- we are the ones who are in the real world and see the truth, while everyone else is stuck in the matrix. Haven’t seen the movie for years, but it kind of made sense to me.
    And thanks for acknowledging those precious babes. The world doesn’t know what it’s missing.

  5. Nick McGivney says:

    No, it does not. And apols for taking so long to get back here. I know that sometimes I never do, but I ALWAYS get your message.

    xx all the way to you guys.

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