When I grow up I want to be like Kerry Hincka

I’m an advertising copywriter. I write ads. Radio ads. Posters. TV ads. Stuff on websites. Cars. Lawnmowers. Toothpaste. Tomato ketchup. It’s a very self-absorbed world most of the time. Sometimes we fool ourselves that what we do isn’t just selling stuff: it’s art.

It’s never art.

Or let me say almost never. Sometimes, some incredibly rare, uncynical times, people like me can actually transcend the grubby little sales messages behind most of what we do and reach our fingertips just a bit higher, to touch the place where the fairy dust gathers on the highest shelf. The people who put the ad below together did that. They had outstanding material to work with, granted, but they did their homework and they put together an advertisement, on behalf of one of the biggest companies in the world, that reflects something good and true, and for this one time only I do not feel like I can see the sales message behind it.

I’ve woven myself a little tale, that the better natures of everyone involved with the advert slipped free from the boardroom and the creative department in the ad agency when they were touched by the pure, driven love of Kerry Hincka, Molly’s mother.

3 comments on “When I grow up I want to be like Kerry Hincka

  1. Mel says:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing- although I’m always a sucker for these things 😉


    ps my boy started kindy today, and I’ve left him there. What to do with myself now?? Mainstream with a teacher aide 3 hours a week.

    • Nick McGivney says:

      First day is over for you now, although we’re just an hour into work. Hope it went well! Where does it fly to, and can we stop it?

  2. Elbog says:

    There is – er, can be – art in what we do; I’ve learned in the last year or two that there is art in controlling lumpy machines and pumps that ultimately make a hospital patient more comfortable and safe. . . but there is little to compare with any Mother’s Love. It’s a powerful message that any company would be foolish not to attempt to exploit to sell some soap and paper towels. When all’s said and done, all reasoning aside, we are all uplifted by Kerry’s spirit, and the decisions from discovery to production to presentation were all gifts in kind from those deciding. An opportunity shared and paid forward. Pretty cool when you think about it.

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