I hate bragging about my endless charity work…

The Aran Islands are beautiful. Air doesn’t come fresher than on these three islands sitting in Galway Bay. The scenery is spectacular.

Sea level is the bit at the bottom. The road will be rising to meet us.

Now I know I left my reading glasses on a ledge here somewhere...

Water. With a hole in it.

All that nadural beaudy will count for sweet fa when I’m grunting and wheezing my way around Inis Mór on Saturday April 9th. I’ll be running a half marathon (that’s 13.1 miles, or 21 km, metric fans) in aid of Temple Street Children’s Hospital.

See how I said running? As in athletically, purposefully, lithely pounding the course as if it’s a canter along a beach to an ice cream van. And anybody who’s picturing my several wobbling bellies and the outline of a manbra beneath my teeshirt can bloody well go and donate twice as much as everyone else. Go on, off with you!

I’ve set up a donor page here.

It goes directly to the hospital from your credit card and is completely secure. There are many good causes in this world, of course, but if you can donate anything at all, the people at Temple Street will put it to work where it’ll do some powerful stuff for sick children. We here at Our Jacob know all about that, because the angels of Temple Street saved our man’s life when he was a month-old titch.

I’m more than happy to do this, and have you donate to see me suffer. What’s that? You’re thinking of doing it instead of donating personally? Why, I’d be delighted to have you run with me instead of just whipping out the old credit card and donating a fiver/tenner/life’s savings/deeds to that investment home in Moldova. I mean, I agree, it seems somehow too easy to do that. Great. So it’s settled. I shall drop round and pick you up on Saturday morning for a quick five mile break-in session. Brilliant. I was hoping you’d say that you wanted in on it. After all, who wants to just donate?

BTW, to the lovely people who already did give, you’re lovely people. xx