Aimee Richardson: Punky Down syndrome media star

Who  needs imaginary friends? Check out the wonderful Aimee Richardson, a busy young woman who’s even got a cartoon character, Punky. (Well ok, Punky was at one time only imaginary, and lived in the imagination of Lindsay Jane Sedgwick, but she’s become pretty real in the meantime.)

Aimee, the voice of Punky

Punky, the face of Aimee

Aimee’s multi-talented, inspirational and breaking down barriers just because she’s being herself and doing normal things in normal land amongst the normals. That’s not disparaging – you know what I mean.

She was interviewed by Brendan O’Connor for The Saturday Show last night. Overlook the cringiest faux pas of the show’s host (dad to a Ds baby, btw), who’s got four left feet at times, but give him credit for getting Aimee on primetime TV. Ignore the fact that his questions are too full on and he doesn’t really give her a chance, but revel in her quirkier little orneryisms. She’s raising the bar for all of us; an inspiration for what anyone with Down syndrome can achieve.

Zip forward to 23 mins approximately to get to her segment. You’ll find it – for as long as the TV channel holds it online – here. And below is a recent article by Aimee from The Sunday Times.




7 comments on “Aimee Richardson: Punky Down syndrome media star

  1. Nan P says:

    Well done to Aimee for blowing a few myths to smithereens…

    I loved the moment when she put him back in his place but telling him she would not answer one of his questions… Not everyone would have the courage to be so forthright and so politely tell him to “buzz off” – Personally I would have found it difficult, and would have probably gone round and round.

    And I believe that Brendan will learn, in a few years time he will handle such an interview in a very different way… Talking to people with DS is still very new to him, he is just starting to learn 😉

    • Nick McGivney says:

      Part of me wants to disagree with that analysis of O’Connor, because I want to be consistent. I never rated him in front of a camera before, and he’s done nothing in the last 24 hours to change that. He will learn, I think, but that piece of foot-in-mouthery will always be out there to haunt him, unless he remains oblivious to it. She’s a star though. 🙂

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  3. Blue Sky says:

    I had to switch off the Saturday Show as I found some of Brendan O’Connor’s questions maddening. But Aimee was just so poised and so inspiring. She is a fantastic ambassador for people with ‘special needs’ and I really hope that she will change attitudes in the wider community as well as giving hope to all of us with children with special needs.

    • Nick McGivney says:

      Amen to that, Candi. He was a bit clueless – I’d have loved for them to switch roles because she could have gained fantastic insights by asking him what it’s like NOT to have Down syndrome. What a stupid question – you may have missed it because he saved it till last. Oh well. If mainstream media have any sense they’ll snap her up as a positive role model.

  4. Love that idea Nick, it would have been a riveting show if Aimee was the presenter! But wasn’t she fantastic!? Very proud to have her in my series!!


    • Nick McGivney says:

      Thanks for visiting, Lindsay. And thank you for your positive input in the world. Looking forward to catching up with Punky.

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