The argument for mainstream inclusion

An evening conference is happening on Thursday, October 7th in the D4 hotel in Ballsbridge, Dublin on the topic of Positive Attitudes and Actions for Inclusion. Sensible timing for Dublin-based people, kicking off at 7 pm.

It’s being run by My Special Needs and you can get more details on it from the site, but the highlights are below. It’s free in too, which you can’t say about too many events these days. You even get a cuppa tay. The doc is byDan Habib, detailing his family’s struggle to gain inclusion for their son Samuel.

7.00 p.m. Reception – Tea/Coffee
7.30 p.m. Welcome from Sunday Indo journo MC Carol Hunt
7.45 p.m. Opening address from Tommy Boyle (Co-founder My Special Neeeds)
8.00 p.m. 1st Speaker Dr Artemi Sakellariadis Director Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education (CSIE) UK
8.15 p.m. Documentary of Michael Boyle in Mainstream School
8.30 p.m. 2nd Speaker Professor Sue Buckley Founder of Downsed International
8.45 p.m. Introduction to Documentary “Including Samuel” by Dan Habib

9.00 p.m Screening of Including Samuel
10.00 p.m. Post-screening commentary by Dan Habib, Samuel’s father
10.15 p.m. Keynote speech John Moloney, Minister for Disability and Mental Health
10.30 p.m. Conclude

Fairly serious lineup. There’s even a minister in there, so you can politely ask him about cutbacks and which monkeys are deciding what gets cut. And who said check the car park to see if he’s got an official driver and car waiting? Wasn’t me. I’ll certainly be doing my best to get along to what looks like a thoroughly practical and interesting evening on a topic that I’ve not made my mind up about yet. Might see you there?


2 comments on “The argument for mainstream inclusion

  1. lisamareedom says:

    quite dangerous waters darl; inclusion should be a right but not compulsory as I believe was the aim at one stage in the National Council for Special Educaton. Allowing any shaped peg into the welcoming and supporting niche and making sure everyone understands and facilitates the comfort and advancement of that peg is good.

    Banging on the square peg to force it into the wrong shape so it suits the box, is not so good. Beware!

  2. Kim L. (aka Joshua's mom) says:

    Loved this video clip. Thanks so much for sharing.

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