Special Olympics Ireland Games!

They’re just around the corner. We wish all the competitors well, and the fewest ulcers possible to the wonderful organisers. Bravo! All the info you need is here.

2 comments on “Special Olympics Ireland Games!

  1. Kim L. (aka Joshua's mom) says:

    I just discovered your blog today & I felt compelled to leave you a comment. As the mother of an adorable 17 month old boy (who also happens to have Down Syndrome) I can relate to many of the thoughts & emotions expressed in your posts. I only wish that I could articulate my own ideas with such honesty & humor. Looking forward to reading more about your journey with Jacob. Keep those posts coming! 🙂

  2. Nan P says:

    This is such a beautiful movement, in every sense of the term. When the World Special Olympics came to Ireland a few years back, I watched the opening ceremony live on TV, and found myself being very moved by the pure joy expressed by total stangers, who happened to be a little different from me. I remember being surprised by their beauty, and crying….
    Little did I know that only a few short years later I would have much closer reasons to be emotional when looking into the beautiful face of my grandson…

    Best of luck to all of them, athletes and organisers alike.

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