The Phenomenal, Fabulous, Fantastic DS Blogblog

Dan Niblock is tireless when it comes to blogging about the syndrome of D. Not only about his own bundle of magic, little Ozzie, but also about events and info relating to Downs on the wittily titled Down Town.

He’s just released a new one into the wild. I’ve used the short, snappy title as my own for this post [ 😉 Dan]. There’s some fantastic writing on it too, except this time he’s highlighting other people’s experiences. ‘Words of wisdom from a multitude of Down syndrome bloggers’, he calls it. I’m not sure if that means people with Ds, people with people with Ds, or something else altogether, and I’m glad I don’t know. There are already too many restrictions in the minds of too many people, and I’ll be trying not to add to them in 2010.

He very kindly asked me to lend an old post from here, which I was happy to do, and there are already a handful of real pearls from some smart people there. I’d urge you to visit, and to pass it on to anyone who might benefit (that is just about everyone, if you ask me). It deserves a big audience.

Happy new year, everyone.

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