A Dishwasher Service Engineer calls

‘I’ll tell you what kids, I wasn’t crazy about the rinse cycle
but the drying programme works like gangbusters.’

‘I’m going again. I’m going again!
Now where’d I leave the damn keys of this deathtrap?’

* Do not try this at home. Who needs mopping up two gallons of soapy water from the kitchen floor? That’s what neighbours’ kitchens are for.

6 comments on “A Dishwasher Service Engineer calls

  1. NAN P. says:

    Would he like to come and empty my own dishwasher some day? Oh, and I have a couple of pictures to put up while he is at it…. 😉

  2. Mel says:

    Haha! I think I posted some scarily similar pics of Luke in the dishwasher a couple of months ago. What is with kids?? Does Jacob like playing in the loo too??

  3. Nick McGivney says:

    Sorry, Nan P, no can do on putting pictures up. But call us the instant you need them taken down. We do that service for free!

    Hey Mel – the dw is a treasure trove and just the right height. And as for the loo, we know at this stage purely by the sound of the speed crawl that someone’s left the bathroom door open…

  4. hammie says:

    Is that your solution to nappy change? My Dad used a power hose once to clean Boo. xx

  5. Petunia says:

    Haha… Wait til he squirts washing up liquid into it without you looking… Munchkin did that once and boy, it was like the machine had rabies! Hehe…

  6. Sarah says:

    Lovely pictures. It was great to see you last night at the reunion Deidre. This year I am going to try find the time to take on the Department of education who don’t include resource hours for children with DS who have a mild diagnosis, it’s crazy and so discriminatory . It was the banding together of parents of children with Autism who managed to get chidlren with Autism regardless of the level of their learning disability automatic entitlement to resource hours. It should be the same for DS and I know my Tom would be able for mainstream if he had the extra resource teaching hours to help him keep up. Your husband seems a real wizz in the computer area,maybe we could get some people together and start psestering the department.

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