Using blogs and social media to spread positive news

I mentioned that I was meeting the staff from Special Olympics Ireland recently. I had a talk with them about the benefits of using social media – such as this very blog – to help causes like themselves. There are a lot of online ways to talk to people, get their attention, give them your message, fundraise and so on.
The presentation I made to Special Olympics dealt with just three of these: Facebook, Twitter and blogging. People who blog, like many of you, are more often than not up to speed on just how useful tools like blogs are, but it’s easy to forget that not everyone is aware of how powerful online communications can be. My friend Hammie, for instance, uses her Facebook page as a fantastic outreach point for parents or guardians of children with autism, and it is a shining example of how to maximise new communications. Still, there’s a leap to be made for a lot of people, and very often a fear of launching into the unknown.
This is the presentation I put together to try to give the gang at Special Olympics Ireland a perspective on the many benefits of social media. If some of it makes no sense (seeing as I’m not actually standing there in front of you boring the arse off you) then just ask and I’ll try to fill in any gaps.


6 comments on “Using blogs and social media to spread positive news

  1. excellent, Nick! I love the Margaret Mead quote. 🙂

  2. NAN P. says:

    Very impressive!

    And hmmmmm, thank you for the mention! But the point you make is so true, it’s all about linking up with people who “get you”. Power tools indeed.

  3. lisadom says:

    I like the Power tools phrase better Nan! Love the idea of powering around!

    thanks Nickie! xx And you give good powerpoint….

  4. HGF- Thanks. It’s a real summation, that Meade quote.
    Nan P – I think Hammie’s right. They ARE power tools. Just have to drill into the right heads! 🙂
    Hammie – you’re worth it!

  5. enc says:

    Brilliantly done, Mr. Nick. I really liked that.

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