Special Olympics Ireland on Facebook

Can you help me push their Facebook membership towards 2,000 fans?

facebook_logoNext Thursday I’m meeting a group of people from Special Olympics Ireland. Volunteers. I’ve been asked to talk about social media, and how it can help organisations like them in fundraising and getting the positive messages and experience out. There are 300 million people worldwide on Facebook. I’d like to use it to make as many of them as possible aware of the amazing work Special Olympics do.

I won’t need to tell you lot what a great bunch they are, and not just in Ireland. As part of my presentation to them, I’m really hopeful that I can demonstrate how powerful our little blogging community can be for the cause too. We network, advocate, share resources and provide a great early warning system for each other, as well as having a laugh and keeping up to date with our wonderful friends worldwide.

On Friday last I pushed the same message out on Twitter. In the space of 24 hours my little group of followers on Twitter, none of whom are involved in the Ds scene, had added 60+ fans to the Special Olympics group. The fan base went from 1,660 people to 1,740 and is still climbing. It’s at 1,785 as I write. The internet has made this stuff possible, and I would love to hit 2k before next Thursday, Oct 22nd.

How can you help?

  • Join the Irish Facebook page here.
  • Link to your own area’s Special Olympics FB page too if you’re not in Ireland.
  • Blog about the group yourself. Feel free to cut and paste from this post.

Picture 1

And if you want to follow me on Facebook, (not you, Revenue) here’s my profile. It’ll all be just lovely and we can have tea and scones and tut tut about the young people today.

3 comments on “Special Olympics Ireland on Facebook

  1. Done and Done, somehow, I think you are going to make that target!

    (I’m still young-ish….can I tut tut about young-er people?)

  2. lisadom says:

    Done, what a great idea! a facebook page for special needs….. xx

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