Introducing Joe Barnick

It’s easy to get defeatist when you’re surrounded by negativity. It’s easy to add to the heap. But every so often you get to see a video of a guy who likes to order ingredients for Japanese recipes off the internet and you suddenly think to yourself that maybe Satchmo was right. It is wonderful.

8 comments on “Introducing Joe Barnick

  1. Monica says:

    Thanks for making me smile!!!

  2. This was both humbling and inspiring. This young man has wit, wisdom and courage.

  3. Eileen Owens (from Kingscourt!) says:

    Thanks for sharing this one, Nick, I’ve linked it all around Denmark and I’m going to watch it if I ever feel like whinging again 🙂

    • Nick McGivney says:

      He’s a tonic, isn’t he? The big eejit nerdy grin when he starts talking about buying the Japanese Manga figures is just priceless. It also throws into relief how wonderful technology can be when applied in this way. Doors forever sealed can be opened. Amazing. Hope all of Denmark (esp himself, yourself and the ladies!) are being fabulous!

  4. NAN P. says:


    Nick, I agree with you, I love that nerdy grin! After this, who can say what is “normal” and what is not? He is just like you and me (well, not much like me, I ain’t nerdy… 😉 just with something different. And sometimes, we can so easily forget we are the ones putting a slant on things.

    That is the real benefit of technology: opening the world to those who may not be able to reach it… Hey, look! I’m reaching you Nick!

    • Nick McGivney says:

      And ever so belatedly I’m reaching you back, Nan! I have been such a poor visitor of late. Forgive me and I will make it my business to see you soon over at your place…

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