A post to support Irish Autism Action

The absolutely amazing and tireless creation that is Hammie is yet again going without sleep so that Irish autism can benefit. She’s got two incredible kids with autism herself, yet despite the 27 or so hours she devotes to them every day, she also finds time to do stuff like help loads of other special needs groups like Jacob’s. Oh, and she fundraises like Billy-o for Irish Autism Action.

The latest push comes with the assistance of O2 and Samsung. For every Samsung Tocco Sold In O2 stores during the month of June, €10 will be going to Irish Autism Action Charities in your area.O2-5628+Sam&IAA+Corp

If you ARE in the market in Ireland for a smartphone, please put the Samsung Tocco on the list for consideration. And if you’re not, I’d take it as a personal favour if you could spread the message to anyone you know who might be.

If you want to find out what that support means from the perspective of someone with autism, Hammie’s blog post says it rather nicely. Please support her essential (and usually unsung) work if you can.


8 comments on “A post to support Irish Autism Action

  1. lisadom says:

    oh YOU!!!!

  2. Elbog says:

    Well, I have no need for an Irish smartphone, but all my spare change has gone to buy U2 tickets – surely some of that trickles down to the Emerald Isle?
    Good work! Don’t mean to trivialize at all, tryin’ to toss in a chuckle.

    • Nick McGivney says:

      Haha! We’re one on that score, Elbog. We’ll have to do it (with or) without you. Have a beautiful day!

  3. Jenny says:

    I found your blog on Hammies and just wanted to say hey and that I am enjoying reading it and learning about Jacob.

    • Nick McGivney says:

      Lovely to hear from you, Jenny. And if you’re a visitor at Hammies’ then you’re officially very welcome indeed. 🙂

  4. Jean says:

    yup, hammie is our hero XXX

  5. KJ says:

    We adopted three boys with various forms of autism and appreciate those who would blog on such an important subject. People more than ever need to be informed about autism and what life is like for those so affected since this debilitating condition seems to be on the rise.

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