7 comments on “News roundup

  1. hammie says:

    Oh Shucks! Cheque is in the post….
    (and you two boys look mighty fine in that Pic nicky.)

  2. NAN P. says:

    Hey Hey! Welcome back!

    Jacob looks so lovely… ok, you both do! 😉

  3. Elbog says:

    Lovely roundup. The pic is wonderful.
    Dare I ask what a “Mucky Pup” is?

  4. Ahh well Nick, you’ll just all have to come out to one of our weekly coffee mornings to meet the gang….be warned, you will need to bring cake. Duffo (Ava’s Mam) is doing great work to get a parish hall for the group, an official DS Parent and Toddler group…do drop by.
    Totally agree about the cost, ain’t going either….money needs to be spent on a humongous holiday and SKIP instead. Hope the free stuff is good

  5. Hi Nick, was just a wee nudge tis all! 😉

    love the pic! 🙂

    sorry to hear of the expense; I understand this. We’ve recently gone to a fundraiser to help ‘youth at risk’. It was $600 per plate. Luckily as my husband is one of the intervention workers, we did not pay full price.
    …It would probably be too difficult for the DS Congress to differ between sponsors and guardians, but I would hope they’ve considered education is just as important as fund raising. Just my twa pence, and perhaps even, I’m not understanding the whole picture.

  6. Eileen says:

    Hi Nick, Beautiful photo of you both, there’s something really warmy going on there.
    The Irish economy was on our news again last night, George Lee was looking very worried. Does any normal family have the money to attend this world DS Congress?

    I have a few suggestions:
    1. turn it into a cottage industry along the lines of a Cavan wake. You know, everyone who wants to come brings a sliced pan and some ham and cheese or a half cooked chicken, whatever. Make a few barrels of coffee, tea and Ribena, a plate of ginger nuts. Everyone comes and meets everyone else, shares stories and experiences, that must be whar it’s all about? There could be a workshop in the front room and another in the garden behind the swings. The kids could distribute brochures and leaflets.
    2. You could buy a case of peach schnapps and sit outside the venue like it was a concert on Landsdowne Rd and pick up snippets of info from folk on the way in and out.
    3. They could make a family café on the last day where ornery folks could come by for free and shake hands, exchange experiences… that must be whar it’s all about?
    4. I could get back to work and finish the agenda for the meeting that starts kl 10.
    bye for now

  7. Jo says:

    I love your Crisp White Shirts, Nick.

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