Put the kettle on! There’s visitors!

Seems that while we’ve been blogging, Jacob and I, the cyberbell has been ringing and a neat queue has formed at the door. The lovely India Knight has linked to us at The Times Online and now we’ve been caught napping.


This blog hasn’t had a lick of paint in forever, Jacob’s been hopeless at encouraging me to post new info, he hasn’t written a sodding thing himself since he turned fourteen months last week and now we’ll really have to organise our shoddy categories so people can muddle around in a vaguely not lost way. And as if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, these aren’t even my best y-fronts.

Ach so what! This is us, you’re most welcome to our place and don’t worry about the snow on your boots.


8 comments on “Put the kettle on! There’s visitors!

  1. Sharon says:

    Wahey! Big timers.
    The woman has clearly got excellent taste.

    Now go and put the kettle on, get the biscuits out, and use the best china; she’s with The Times you know.

  2. Nick McGivney says:

    @Sharon 🙂

  3. NAN P. says:

    Cool dog! Don’t worry Nick, the best thing to do in this weather is to nap for a while, stretch and yawn every so often, look outside to make sure the snow is still there, and go back to napping… Hummmmm

  4. Blogdog says:

    Congratulations! Very well done and love that photo of the napping dog!!

  5. Siobhan McGrath says:

    I, one amongst many I am sure, am delighted that India directed us to your blog.

    Jacob clearly demonstrated excellent taste when choosing you as his family. The love you have for your little boy shines thru.

    Thank you for sharing him with us, and dear god man why are you not writing fulltime!

  6. Punya says:

    I’ve come visiting via India from down under. No snow on my shoes. I’m a mum of a special needs 19 year old. Love your blog and will drop in again soon.

  7. Nick McGivney says:

    Nan P – excellent advice as always. Napping is top of my wish list!

    Hi Blogdog! My apologies for not replying sooner. My perfectly valid excuse is that I have the manners of a gastrically challenged camel. Nice of you to come visit, and I hope you will again, despite my camelisms!

    Siobhan – you are too kind!

    Punya – ope things are calming down under for you all. You have been on our minds a lot. Glad you could stop by.

  8. Jill says:

    Hiya, I’m one of the visitors popping in by way of India’s blog.

    My gorgeous, funny, sweet boy happens also to be autistic, a completely different thing to Downs (although I confess to knowing little about Downs). Having said that, one of your earlier blogs about other people’s reactions really struck a chord with me & I had to laugh at how many we’d heard too!

    Lovin the blog – think I might be a regular now if you don’t mind, I like Rich Tea with my cuppa thanks.

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