Hosting World Down Syndrome Congress: practical assistance


I posted a couple of weeks ago about the World Down Syndrome Congress happening in Dublin between August 20th and 22nd. I’ve been mulling it over in my mind since then, and I want to help. I’d like people’s opinions as to my first-draft plan.

The basic idea is that through the wonderful medium of blogging, I set up a site where people can offer a room to people who are visiting for the duration of the conference. I’m in very early discussion with the Congress organisers, and the rudimentary plan is that we compile a list of people who can and will, and marry it with a list of those who need. The blog would only be a harvesting site, so to speak, and not ultimately fix visitors up with hosts. Privacy absolute etc etc.

Anyway, I haven’t organised anything like this before, and I’d be keen for input from my trusted blogger friends. In due course I’ll probably come a’ begging for you all to outreach the proposal on your own blogs too. Obviously the locals are the ones most likely to spread the word to possible donors, but you far-flung folks aren’t exactly uninvolved. You might end up shacking up with us!

Thoughts please…

8 comments on “Hosting World Down Syndrome Congress: practical assistance

  1. lisadom says:

    Get on to Special Olympics too when you have a proposal and they will help publicise it for you. They might even help with logistics like garda clearance etc as they had the experience in 03 with the Games.

    Don’t discount the many empty rooms in our Fair City in the Downturn either. Monsieur Dunne might want to do something pro-active with his City block sized white elephant in D4.

    (will put anything you need up on the Hammie/IAA blogs)

  2. Sounds like a very good idea. And I am sure lots of people would be very willing to help out.

  3. Cal says:

    Hmm…I don’t have any brilliant suggestions for you on this one but I’ll keep mulling it over and let you know if I come up with anything!

  4. Nick McGivney says:

    Very good thought on the hotels idea, Hamie. And yes, the Sp Olympics crew must have a wealth of info out there too.

    Cal & Cathal’s Mam, thanks for dropping in. There’s another post on the way about this, developing the idea of how people might volunteer to help. (Not sure if you’ll be able to buddy up with someone from way over there, Cal, but maybe telepathically huh? That might work…

  5. Cal says:

    Yes! Telepathically. Ha…well…I’ll at least least be mentally/spiritually cheering on and supporting from over here so if there is a list for that, put me on it!

  6. Thinking on the hotel. They might offer a reduced rate if you can guarantee so many rooms filled, etc.

    Funny about the ‘Where’s Matt video’…it is a small world or time continuum or whathaveyou…. You never know, you and the Mrs may be over and stopping by for tea! 😉

  7. kayla says:

    I would be so happy to help you in any way I can. hat ever it is let me know. Even if it is a matter of advertising for you. I will go all the way. Just tell what when and where, anything. I hope you are doing well.

  8. Cas says:

    I just booked my tickets and accommodation before I read this! How wonderful it would be to stay with a family instead of by myself, 15000km away from home!

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