Grandparents are parents too!

DSI, assisted by a crack team of highly trained commandos, will be storming the Gresham Hotel in Dublin on January 14th with an Information Day for grandparents of kids with Down Syndrome. It’ll be like the SAS storming the Iranian Embassy in London in 1980. Only with possibly less balaclavas. And more cake. But the crack commando unit will be there.

Obviously there’s a steep curve of learning for new parents dealing with Down syndrome. Not much thought is left over, at least initially, for the parents’ parents, who are struggling to cope with the information from an entirely different perspective. Possibly they feel slightly more useless, although I don’t think anyone could’ve out-uselessed how useless I felt when I first was coming to terms with my new status as a Downs dad.

Here are the details, with thanks to Nan P, most secret, deep-cover grandmére of all.


14th January 2009, 10.30am – 3.30pm
The Trinity Room.
The Gresham Hotel,
O’Connell St,
Dublin 1.

Crack commandos:
May Gannon – Counsellor.
Joan Murphy – Clinical Co-ordinator.
Grainne Murphy – Independence Officer.
Pascale Claes – Grandmother.


On yer bike! Phone the National Office on 01 4266500
or email to confirm your place! Vroom vroom!


5 comments on “Grandparents are parents too!

  1. NAN P. says:

    Dam you Nick for blowing my cover! 😉

    Ok, just to reassure, it’s not a blue-rinse revolution in progress, it’s mainly about information, and questions answered. To anyone reading this, Please, Please let your parents, e.g. the Grand-Parents, know about this. Encourage them to come.
    Thank you!

    Ps: Santa might receive a request for that bike for me next Xmas…

  2. Sesame says:

    Bat out of hell Nan…lookin good!! Where do you find them Nick? Good luck with the information day hope it’s well attended…xx

  3. Hi Nick,

    Happy New Year to you and yours!! :)x

  4. lisadom says:

    ahhh, so thats what the Grandparents are riding these days. xx

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