Life has speeded up

There’s too much going on. I desperately want to find the pause button. I glimpsed it yesterday but it scurried away. I’m aware that the present tense is all that we have but I’m still unable to enjoy that because right now I can’t find the pause button. I glimpsed it yesterday but it scurried away. I’m aware that the present tense is all that we have but I’m still unable to enjoy that because right now there is too much going on and I can’t find the pause button.

Thanks to orpees for finding the image. Which isn’t actually a thing either.

12 comments on “Life has speeded up

  1. hammie says:

    Boo says: “I’ve got an itchy wedgie” Does that help?

  2. Nice.

    Funny I was recently posting about not being able to enjoy life because of the opposite, being permanently on pause.

    The same problem, from polar opposites.

    I hope you get the chance to enjoy.

  3. Elbog says:

    I’d like to respond, but there just isn’t time.
    Oh yean, and Christmas is coming.

  4. enc says:

    Maybe if you just sit down on the settée, and stop moving . . . .

  5. NAN P. says:

    Oh, Nick, have you been living my live for the last few weeks?…

    Anyway, whenever you do find the pause button, and can spare a minute, please drop in: you might be interested by SHOUT 😉

  6. Christine says:

    Well, at least you found time to pause and write a blog post, all hope isn’t lost 😉

  7. well, I’ve had a brief pause in my life, don’t recommend it though! 😉
    (funny that I can joke about it now!)

    wishing you a positive pause in the whirlwind that is parenthood et al. 🙂

  8. Emma Mc Ivor says:

    ARE YOU READING MY THOUGHTS ! spent past week worrying, stressed and trying to have control over my life. instead I’m missing the good stuff.

  9. Sesame says:

    Why cant it be groundhog day on a good day?

    [] PAUSE…hit it

  10. Siofa says:

    Havin’ an extra extra busy spell Nick ?! Sure you’re blessed with whirlwind energy and the wheels are forever turnin’ witcha anyway ! It’s the way you were made man.Two birthdays just passed and two more on the way ? Save some adrenalin for the party season in the MacG household.

    Slow down, you move to fast
    Gotta make the mornin’ last . .

    Belated Happy Birthday Nico, are you feelin’ groovy ?

  11. Sister Wolf says:

    Very nice image. If only I could keep it in mind when I reach for my credit card.

  12. Nick McGivney says:

    Sorry Hammie. Boo’s itchy wedgie just isn’t hitting the spot for me. But thanks for trying!

    XBox – it seems to be a truth universal that it’s harder to be where we are than to be trying to get somewhere else. What are we humans to do?

    Elbog – sorry you didn’t have time to stop by ;^

    enc – I woulda gotten away with the settee if it hadn’t been for them pesky kids.

    Nan P – so sorry I missed this message from you. I will be atoning by SHOUTING whenever I can…

    Chris – if only I were half as prolific as you… sigh

    HGF – As I said to XBox, my default position seems to be to want the next thing or the last thing. Being here now is the nut to crack. Glad you CAN joke about it now.

    Emma – so nice of you to come visit and post! Let’s remind ourselves often to remind ourselves often about the good stuff.

    Sesame – I wish it could be. Except not with Andie McDowell.

    Siofa – Always groovier when you make sense of it for me. Wanna adopt three more boys?

    SW – You’re darned tootin’!

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