I found the cure!

This fixes everything! Stumbled upon this and I know you’d want to see it, so here it is.

9 comments on “I found the cure!

  1. enc says:

    It sounds like SOMEone’s delivering the punchline to the old Monty Python joke: “What’s brown, and sounds like a bell?”

    Then the laughter starts! Oh, that baby.

    I love this.

  2. NAN P. says:

    Poor child. I felt sorry for him. At times, he sounds and looks as if he is begging for mercy, he needs a break to catch breath, and then… he looks for it! Totally addicted!

    I just love it. Powerful cure! Thank you Nick.

  3. I found this about a year ago, and I probably play it once a week since.

    An absolute tonic.

  4. sesame says:

    love this nick..tears rolling down my cheeks..def is d best medicine

  5. oh, this is a good one, and much needed tonite, thanks!! Reminds me of one I had posted on my blog last year…so I had two gigglevids to make me chuckle tonite, again, thanks for the reminder! 😀

    I’ll share the vid for the other, if that’s okay:

  6. Yankee says:

    Hi Nick, I’ve nominated you for an award. Go to my blog for details.

  7. Hi Nick,
    I thought I left a message here the other night, oh well, blame it on the foggy head from the pain meds.
    I wanted to say thanks for the vid, the giggles lifted my spirits! 🙂

    (I had forgotten, I had one of these giggle-vids on my blog, labeled – I dare you not to laugh – it’s a vid of infant quadruplets laughing together)

  8. Nick McGivney says:

    enc – he’s priceless, isn’t he.

    Nan P – we need learned people like this fellah to show us the way!

    Xbox – agreed. Tonic for the troops I hope…

    Sesame – he cracks us up all the time. Never tires.

    Yankee – thankee! I’ll get my own back on you – you and your little dog too!

    HGF – haven’t checked the quads yet but I will. And I’m loving your stuff. Hope you’re feeling well.

  9. Hi Nick,
    yes, I’m doing much better, thanks! Still not back to work, yet..only just back to walking on the durned ankle. (everyone is still astonished that my ankle is really my only serious injury…angels watching over, is what they say!) 🙂

    Thank you for leaving such great replies on my blog. I really appreciate that, and what you have to say! 🙂

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