Whatchoo lookin’ at?

Yesterday Jacob got the results from his Breathing Cert. He scored a double A for his lungs. Crystal clear, said the doc with the x-ray vision in Temple Street, while his mammy exhaled in delighted relief.

We’ve been told by the smart folks at St Michael’s House that because of his history of aspiration/pneumonia/lung infection that it was important for Jacob to drink his bottle in as upright a position as possible, and also to remain in a sitting position for a half hour after feeding. No more last bottle of the day and straight to bed. The top brass in Temple Street reckoned that this was pretty good advice. And so do we.

On a separate note, a big congrats to Sesame who has just qualified as Senior Big Boots Professor in Children With Special Needs. She now Officially Knows Everything™ so scoot on over and ask her something really hard, like what the capital of Bolivia is.


13 comments on “Whatchoo lookin’ at?

  1. Elbog says:

    Great news all around! Except for that last bottle thing. Bummer. I certainly like one right before I tuck in, but have had to scale back for the same reasons. But I regress. . .

  2. Great to hear this! You must all feel so light with relief!

    And what a cutie this boy is turning into. So huggable….

  3. Sesame says:

    Good results all around this week..delighted for you all, one less thing to worry about..thank you for your congrats..but go easy on the praise don’t think I’m that worthy..

    La Paz and Sucre capitals of Bolivia..thank you google

  4. Big HURRAY for Jacob. It’s good to hear that those lungs are behaving themselves, long may it last. Gold stars all round.

  5. enc says:

    I’m glad to hear that your little guy can enjoy clear breathing. He’s so cute!

  6. sandworm says:

    Congrats on the good news, my son had exactly the same issues as it appears yours does, when he was that age… He’s 12 now though so that’s all behind us…. Now if I could just get him to blow his own nose properly I wouldn’t have to clean it out every night with a q-tip…

  7. hammie says:

    For Jacob: A big Sploshy medal for having the healthy lungs. For Mammy and Daddy; A five sploshy salute; the only thing better than hearing that your kid is okay, is hearing that what you did was right and you made it so. Confident Parenting, xx

  8. Siofa says:

    Happy Days! Well tlc makes the world go around and Jacob’s thriving on it – take a bow Mc-Give-neys !

  9. Nick McGivney says:

    Thanks for the good vibes everyone. It was nice to get some good news to end this skanky summer. This was definitely one of the good bits.

    Elbog: when next you’re over I’ll have my personal physician clear you for a late night milk ‘n’ cookies special.

    SuperNan: He’s a cutie alright, but don’t you think he looks a just a tiny wee bit devilish here? I can say this as his dad (Old Nick, et lui meme avec son visage invisible…)

    Sesame! I am sooo disappointed! I thought absolutely everybody knew that the capital of Bolivia is B. And to think of all the money we wasted on your education…

    Thanks Cathal’s Mam. We’re really pleased. Such little victories make for good days.

    enc: I’m gonna get you to style him one of these days when you swing by to let Hammie take you to BTs (She’ll explain!)

    Sandworm: You brought me back to earth with booger bump lol. Thanks for visiting.

    Hammie: Thank you, and thanks for the incisive positivity always.

    Siofa: Mostly I try to copy you!

  10. Sister Wolf says:

    Lovely boy you got there.

  11. Nick McGivney says:

    Why thank you SW. I tend to agree…

  12. Christine says:

    So happy to hear that Jacob’s lungs are all clear. He is truly beautiful.

  13. Jo says:

    The ginger tuft! So cute!

    I’m delighted to hear his lungs are clear. So horrible to hear your little one wheezing, and worrying he can’t breath. Great news!

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