Been there, done that…

This is the taste of mini-victory, troops.

Our friends at CafePress, having made the egregious but short-lived error of putting up a t-shirt with an intellectually challenged message on it, have bounced back with the ultimate vindication. Whoop it up for a minute, then get back to work you lot!

And well done CafePress. I’m keeping the link. Next time do the thinking before the duhing, huh?


6 comments on “Been there, done that…

  1. camommy2kj says:

    WOW!!! That made me snicker LOL.

  2. ukrainemom says:

    I like that!

  3. Sesame says:

    ur on the ball

  4. Siofa says:

    Very impressed! As I say when I’m playing my Mummy role beautifully – once you learn something from your mistakes, there’s no harm in making a ew ! I’m STILL laughing !

  5. hammie says:

    I like it, might even replace my “We’re here, we’re weird; Get Used to it” T-shirt.

  6. Nick McGivney says:

    Meh. When they finally manage to classify your type of weirdness I’ll have to get all PC about it. Til the I’ll just hafta accept ya, weird and all!

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