Fantastic, fantastic news

Yes, the news you’ve all been waiting for! After a ten day period when I got absolutely NO running done I managed to squeeze in a quick twelve k today! Yes yes, I know! It’s wonderful! You may cheer and rejoi- Excuse me? You don’t give a hoot about my running?

Well fine.

Be like that. It doesn’t really do you justice as your mothers would’ve hoped. But if you insist on looking for more news then I suppose I could throw out that JACOB CAME HOME TONIGHT!!


He lay stretched out on Christopher’s bed at story time, looking at the poster of pirate flags, as Chris and Andrew tried to find Wally (Waldo to the US crowd) and everything assumed a delightfully normal chaos once again. Let us hope that it lasts.

Chris reunited with his wee brother

Guess who’s back. Shady’s back. Yes he’s back yes he’s back yes he’s back yes he’s back…

9 comments on “Fantastic, fantastic news

  1. Elbog says:

    Dude, that’s like 7.456454304 miles! That’s like a third of the way across Ireland, right? Of course, you only went 3.728227152 miles out, then came back, right? Or was your crew there to wrap you in tinfoil and whisk you back, bathing you in broth and several IV’s, in the ambulance?
    Good to see Jacob home. It’s all worth celebrating.

  2. tom says:

    That’s almost exactly the distance to my work.. and I’ve been leary about biking there. (Of course, it’s seven city miles… yeah, yeah, Tom. Excuses, excuses.)

    Good you’re able to go for a run and great your son is home.

  3. CATHAL'S NAN P. says:

    Great news! Thank you Nick for letting us know.

    Jacob, it must be so nice to be home again with your brothers, and be right in the middle of the family buzz again. And nice of you to let your dad run again. 😉 Keep well.


  4. hammie says:

    That’s the best news. Hope everyone else in Chateau Jacob is feeling fit and well again soon too.

    (southern accent) Run Forest Run!

  5. God, that must have been terrifying for you all. Having a child in the hospital is not easy. So pleased to hear the wee fellow’s home and that all’s well with him again. Hope you get similar good news on your dad.

  6. Jo says:

    Saw your comment on Twenty M and saw his comment, so checked you out. So glad your baby’s home. I spent a few says in hospital with my son after he was born, for no reason as it turned out, and I felt guilty for being so upset, surrounded by really sick children. But it’s hellish in there. And you just want to get them home, get them home…

    What a good idea to blog about for you, and what an excellent service and network for other parents.

    Best of luck, I hope he gets stronger.

  7. Jo says:

    Oh by the way, my son seems to have a go-to chestiness when he gets ill, obviously not so serious. But I’ve been told jerusalem artichokes are good for that? And that citrus discourages mucous. I haven’t tested the theories yet, but will let you know!

  8. Siofa says:

    We were delighted to hear that Jacob has returned to base – i will not make any Dublin jokes about needing the passport to cross to the other side of Liffey, later in the month !

  9. McAWilliams says:

    Wayhey Nick,

    Great news man, looking forward to seeing you in here soon enoughski.

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