Sandwiched between Iraq and Israel

Late June, 2008.

Soggy-assed, typical-Ireland-of-the-80s overcast-and-prone-to-heavy-showers late June.

And Jacob has once again checked in to the Temple Street Hilton. Is it pneumonia? Is it a viral infection of the lungs? Is it a bacterial whatchamacallit? Dunno. But it’s got the little soldier digging hard for breath. As I write, his mum will be trying to bed down beside him for the night. He’s sharing a room with three other kids plus one parent apiece. Buzzers and beepers and door slams seem timed to go off – with maximum cruelty – as you are just about to nod off into a half hour of restless but damned welcome semi-sleep.

He’s been put on a nebuliser tonight and that seems to be helping. His airways look like being one of his ‘things’. You know, like a club foot or a heart condition. He didn’t get those, which is lucky for him and us, but right now them lungs are giving us all the extracurricular activity we need.

The ironies heap up. Last Christmas when Jacob was in Temple Street his grandad got a touch of pneumonia too and was in hospital himself. Where is he now, right this very second? Not five hundred metres up the road from Jacob, in the Mater Hospital, awaiting a multiple bypass. So our inter-generational double act is still keeping us in stitches! My son and my father. Are they working together, two nutty professors in white coats, planning the finer details of these krazy escapades?

You know when you fill in an address form on the net and you have to select your country from the drop-down menu? Ireland is usually stuck right between Iraq and Israel. You can just feel the love, right? That’s the kind of sandwich filling I feel like right now. And maybe Jacob dodged the heart condition, but Pops is struggling tonight with three left arteries, two of which are 95% blocked while the other is really no trouble, being only 60% blocked. Yes, that’s me being ironic.

You can bury your head in the sand if you want to, but it’s a guaranteed way to get your arse kicked when you least expect it.

A spaceman came travelling

8 comments on “Sandwiched between Iraq and Israel

  1. Elbog says:

    Certainly not weather to make anyone breathe easier. Perhaps an extended trip to a desert environment is in order, although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the nearest choices on your drop-down menu. I was thinking more along the lines of Palm Springs, CA, where the elite divide their time between golf, restaurants, spa treatments, and shopping. Nah, I don’t go there, either.
    Well, perhaps just in my thoughts, now and again, lol.
    I do hope for relief for you and yours on both fronts, soon. Hospitals are places to get better, not to get rest.
    “Ground Control to Major Jacob. . . “

  2. Cathal's Mammy says:

    Gosh Jacob, we will all be thinking of you and your granddad. I hope you both get better very very soon. By the way, that mask look is really going to take off, although not everyone will look as gorgeous as you in it!!
    Lots of love and best wishes,
    Cathal, Sylvaine & Martin

  3. CATHAL'S NAN P. says:

    Little Jacob,

    I am Cathal’s Nan P (the one who speaks French…). I have been keeping an eye on your Dad’s blog and I just want to let you know that I am thinking of you and your grand-dad. Keep fighting little man, there is so much love around you! And the Star Wars look is so cool on you. 😉

    Also sending a big hello to your mum and dad. Isn’t it amazing where we get the energy to keep going where our own kids are concerned? All the best, to all of you.

  4. Nick McGivney says:

    Thanks all. Jacob still in Temple Street and looks set to stay until the early part of next week, if all goes well. He’s having two good days, one bad, so overall he’s getting there. Thanks for your well wishes everyone.


  5. hammie says:

    Nick, I send you a song; Bailero, from Songs of the Auvergne sung by Lesley Garrett. I hope it calms you and gives everyone some rest. Love to little brave Jacob, and even more to his brave Mammy and Daddy.

  6. McAWilliams says:

    Good to hear there has been some improvement, I hope the next post can be a more pleasant, if you catch my drift.

    Never noticed the israel iraq thing before, makes me laugh now.

    All the best to all the family, Thinking of ya’s.

  7. Angieb says:

    Delighted to hear that Jacob is improving. I hope your dad is on the mend too.
    The lads and I are thinking of you all…

  8. tom says:

    Hoping July brings more sun and less time spent in Temple or Mater or any other hospital. Thoughts are with you, Nick.

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