Mini marathon run-down(s)

Bank Holiday Monday, June 2nd

Dublin was basking in a heaven-sent shimmering blue heat last weekend as forty thousand women gathered for the annual Flora Women’s 10k mini-marathon in aid of a bagload of super charities.

And our Dee was in there too! That’s her above, towards the left, the one in the t-shirt. She was running for St Michael’s House, which does fantastic work for people with intellectual whatsits.

She’s been hassling virtually everyone she knows for sponsorship money (and she knows me really, really well). Great news for St Michael’s House, and I suppose great news for me if we ever end up living on the street together. Otherwise a complete pain in the arse. But we’re all very proud of her anyway. She really hit the training circuit hard, putting in possibly three or four gruelling road sessions between February and May alone. And what about that heat!

She did the run with our neighbour Helen. My sister Bonn did it too with her friend Leslie – well done you two as well! But it’s not just about the runners and walkers. Oh no. There’s a massive backroom team who do tireless work, you know. I tirelessly took photos in the blistering heat. Aisling, Helen’s daughter, held Jacob for the photo op. Jacob modelled a t-shirt that said ‘Am I rockin’ my extra chromosome or what!’ And I took photos. In the blistering heat.

As can be seen, the fitness fanatics threw some exotic shapes before the start of proceedings. Here we see the Crouching Dragon limber-up. After the race this gets replaced by the Dragged onto Couch warm-down.

Remember, forty thousand women. In one place. Many of them very serious runners. Many, many of them very serious talkers. Either way, over ten kilometers (six and a quarter miles, non-metric fans) it all requires energy, that’s all I’m saying. You end up pretty shattered, but they give you a medal, you earn squillions for charity and you get a nice, gooey, warm feeling inside. It’s just that you don’t actually have the energy left to tell your face to smile, dammit.

Well done, our hero!
(And a BIG thank you to everyone who supported with the ker-ching.)


3 comments on “Mini marathon run-down(s)

  1. Elbog says:

    I can almost feel the estrogen in the air!
    Well Done, ladies!
    Well Done, Jacob!
    Nick, you can now add the title “Athletic Supporter” to your resumé.
    (I hope that doesn’t get lost in translation from English to English).

  2. hammie says:

    As Mr Hammie says; I only had to do it, HE had to hear about it!
    (1 hour 47mins if you are asking)

  3. Nick McGivney says:

    Woo hoo our HammieBullitt! I’d read about you doing it somewhere alright. Apparently they get over 80,000 requests but can only take half that number on health and safety grounds.

    And thanks Jeff for the ‘athletic supporter’ tag. Just call me Jock. 🙂


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